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of data collection and eve dropping on allies by the national security agency. >>> lawmakers also meeting on capitol hill today to discuss ways to ease the effects of automatic spending cuts on the military, democrats want to lessen the effects on schools but republicans are focusing on the pentagon. >> 5:47, oakland's chinatown area may feel safer after a local businessman signed a contract to bringing private patrols for at least a year. henry cang says he didn't want to wait for the city or police to make his part of oakland feel safer. he won't say what it is costing him but he says it is a necessary step. >> there is certainly a perception that oakland is not as safe as it could be or should be, and china town is located in oakland. >> the city's records show crime increases after 5:00 p.m. so the private security company will be out on the streets at various times but will increase patrols during the early evening hours. >> 5:48 is the time. the morning commute has certainly had a lot of problems, starting to get busy out there. >> for the past two days we have seen lights at the ba
said the national security agency secretly broke into the datacenters of both of those companies. that could give the government access to hundreds of millions of user accounts and that could create global distrust among -- about using those companies which could hurt the economy in silicon valley. >> 5:48, check back in with sal for a look at traffic and keep reminding people it is halloween, be careful, so watch out. >> yeah, you know you just have to drive a lot more carefully because a lot of kids wearing dark costumes out there. let's take a look at the commute now, traffic moving along well on the bridge into san francisco, there are no major problems on the way through into the city. small delay at the toll plaza. san francisco itself does look good, northbound 101 the traffic there is moving well, northbound 280 traffic out to the extension is off to a descent start and the peninsula the traffic is moving along nicely on 101 and 280 heading south looks good to san mateo now to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steve. >> he said thank you. >> is that you. >> th
, the house intelligence committee holds a hearing on surveillance programs by the national security agency. now this follows the new allegations the nsa has been spying on foreign leaders. lawmakers said they want the talk about potential -- to talk about potential changes for the foreign intelligence surveillance act to increase transparency, and also to rebuild confidence in those programs. >>> well, syrian hackers claim they hacked president obama's twitter account. yesterday, two links posted on the president's account redirected users to sites supporting syrian president assad. the syrian electronic army has hacked into several very prominent websites including the "new york times." >>> well, we are getting more details about the case of a castro valley nursing home where 14 people were found abandoned. now yesterday we got a look inside the home on saturday, the people were removed by paramedics after someone called for an ambulance. there were just three staff members on duty. the owner's attorney said she spent more than $100,000 fixing up the nursing home. she says she was fixing
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3